National GeoPark 
 "Eiszeitland am Oderrand"

  Ice Age geology, landscape and culture-yours to discover,
  experience and feel

  A landscape is thawing!
 Have you ever heard of the so-called 'glacial series' with ground moraines, terminal moraines, sandurs and glacial valleys?
 Or do you know how the sea urchin got into the stone?

 At the GeoPark Eizeitland am Oderrand visitors can get first-hand experience of the earth's geo-historical development.
 This park is one of nine Geoparks in Germany and covers an area of 3,487 km². The GeoPark
 lies in midst of a charming landscape, shaped by the last glacial period called Vistula
 It encompasses the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin and the Nature Park Unteres
 Odertal as well as parts of large protected areas, such as the Naturpark Barnim and the
 Naturpark Uckermärkische Seen. Among others, an association called Gesellschaft zur
 Erforschung und Förderung der Märkischen Eiszeitstraße e.V. has taken an instrumental
 role in the formation of the GeoPark and still serves as an advisor.

 In addition to protecting and caring for our geological heritage we aim at developing
 geo-tourism and at providing interesting tourist attractions. Within the area of the GeoPark
 visitors can find a great number of lakes and ponds of glacial origin, bogs, kames and eskers.

 Thematic as well as individual guided tours can already be booked. On excursions through
 the GeoPark, visitors can see the landscape from a different perspective and may gain a new
 kind of understanding..

Collection of fossils near gravel pit in Althüttendorf