The European wild boar
(Sus scrofa)
Family: old world pigs
Habitation: Europe, Central-, South- and East Asia (including Indonesia)
Appearance: o from grey to black-brown bristled coat, that is thick and has the undercoat (northern species), o comb-like crest above the cervix and on the back,
o male has long lower fangs in the form of sabre, curved backwards, the upper fangs
are shorter, triangular, bent up; female has weaker teeth than the male
Lifestyle: o mainly at dusk and nocturnal activity, adapt various places, o adult boars are
solitary and join groups of sows with infants only in - mating time and hold sturdy fights with the rivals
 o omnivores, that adapt themselves to food that they
   have in disposition
 o principal form of domestic
o the oldest boars in zoo
   are about 20 years old
  Reproduction: o mating time:
   from November to January
 o after 114 - 140 days of
birth will be
   given to 5-6 striped babies