European Eagle-owl
(Bubo bubo)
Family: True owls
Habitation: North Africa, also in Europe and Asia
Appearance: o the female are prominently bigger than the male, o from the South-West to North-East species differs by means of size and weight, o head is big with remarkable long feathered ears, o Body-feather is fair brown with transverse and diagonal stripes
Lifestyle: o resident, devoted to the territory, o nocturnal activity,
o preys at dusk in the open area, o outstanding sight at dusk, o well-developed hearing
 Reproduction: o breeds on the ground, in rocky niches
 or in abandoned nests of other birds
 o pairing and mating
   time in autumn
 o breeding time duration:
   about 34 days
o 1 - 3 nestlings, are
   able to fly after
   about 10 weeks
Nourishment: o small
   mammals, birds,
   reptiles, frogs, insects