Family: Tortoises and swamp turtles
Habitation: North America
Appearance: o They have dark ornament lengthways of their seams of plastron.
The horn-plates have an ornament similar to the hieroglyphics.
Lifestyle: o They live in the rivers and lakes and are diurnal animals. In the night they rest in a shallow water and surface from time to time in order to breathe. They spent winters on the bottom of the basin. As the temperatures are low, metabolism is reduced and the oxygen demand is at a minimum. They are able to manage to live without air-breathing. Slow increase of the temperature makes them more active
 From March to the half of April: then males begin to
 mate with females thanks to courtship behaviour.
 Spawns of 5-25 eggs are hidden in pits.
 Young turtles hatch after 70-130 days.
 In the youth turtles eat meat, at the age they eat