Zebu Cattle
Order: atriodactyls (even-toed ungulates)
Family: bovids
Habitation: Africa, Savannah and grassland
Appearance: o measures 1,60 m of body-length, o whiters height about 1,25 m
o can weigh from 305 to 500 kg
o They are mostly from dark brown to rusty brown, but also the cattle can be white
or variegated
Reproduction: o lives in herds, o they mate throughout the whole year
 o pregnancy lasts for about 290 days
 o 1 baby
Characteristics: o specimen
 of both genders have horns,
 but the male ones have them
 longer and thicker,
o the length
 of the horns measures 1 meter
 on average and the partial
 cirumference by the root is
 about 50 cm
Nourishment: o they nourish
 herbs, grass and foliage