(Equus caballus)
Family: horses
Habitation and lifestyle:
Ponys are a race relative to small domestic horses
(shoulder height up to 148 cm), that are rarely propagated. 
They origin from indigenous wild horses that were crossed with warm- and blooded horses.
They are a country horses with a tough character, austere, willing to work and usually good-natured.
Their coat colour varies from mousey to grey-yellow and they have often a dorsal stripe.

  There is often no unified categorisation.

  People differentiate:

o ponies in the broader sense, (miniature horses to 119 cm
  shoulder height, f.e.
Shetland Pony)

o small horses (120-134 cm, for example Exmoor Ponies), 

  also those defined as
o double-ponies or medium-sized horses, (135-148 cm
  height ponies, f.e.