Cottontop Tamarin
(Saguinus oedipus)
Family: Callitrichines
Habitation: live only in the North-West Colombia
   Appearance: o long, white hair, that hangs from head to
 o the back is brown, arms and feet are white,
o long tail, that is brown on the external side and black on
   the internal
   Lifestyle: o diurnal and arboreal animals, o inhabit open wood areas
   and rarely deep rainforests
 o live in groups of 3-9 animals, group consists of one dominant animal,
   monogamous pair, their offspring and other subordinated young
 o territory of 7 - 10 hectares is marked with secretion glands

   Reproduction: o only the dominant pair has the right to breed,
o mating twice time a year, o pregnancy duration: about 140 days,
o 2 infants, o the whole group participates in raising infants

   Nourishment: o fruit, insects, flowers, small vertebrates