(Hylobates concolor gabriellae)
Family: Gibbons
Habitation: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia
Appearance: o slim body build, long limbs, o difference in colour of the genders, o male specimen are mostly black and have characteristic to their gender yellow-brown colour on their cheeks
o on the contrary,female specimen are red-brown and distinguish from males by a dark spot on the upper side of the head
Lifestyle: o live in family groups, o Arboreal lifestyle; move between the trees thanks to their long rams
o In order to mark the area
  and to communicate with
  other family members,
  gibbons perform duet songs.
Reproduction: o Pregnancy
  duration: about 7 months
o 1 infant
o sexual maturity in 6-8 years
Nourishment: o Fruit, leaves,
  buds, nectar, insects