(Acinonyx jubatus)
Habitation: o almost whole Africa (except deserts and jungle), parts of the Middle East and India.
Today's protectorates: East Africa, part of the South Africa.
Namibia is the only country where most of cheetahs still live in their natural surrounding. Their haunt are grass and tree savannas.
Lifestyle: o Males live often in groups, females are solitary, apart from the time when they are nursing the infants
  o The fastest land animal: speeds up to about
    110 km/h in very short time.
o Hunter

  Reproduction: o 1-5 infants in a litter
o Males help in raising the babies.

  Nourishment: o medium and small ruminants.

  Miscellaneous: o In 16th century cheetahs were
  kept as pets and also used like dogs for hunting
  purposes. They still today hunted for their furs.

  Protection necessary !