Red Flamingo
(Phoenicopterus ruber roseus)
Family: Flamingos
Habitation: in Africa and also in Middle- and Southamerica
Appearance: o they have long and thin legs, long neck, pink feathers and a curved down beak
o pink feather's colour because of carotenoids in food, o measures while standing: 90 - 155 cm height; Lifestyle: o Flamingos are diurnal and nocturnal animals, o very sociable; colonies consist of thousands or tens of thousands individuals, o good swimmer, this skill is used not often,
o good flier, their long necks and legs are stretched during the flight
 Reproduction: o mating time of enormous number of
 birds, during the mating ritual
they use head, neck and
o cone-shaped nests made of mud, grass and rocks
 o the single egg is hatched
   out by both parents
o 28-days breeding time
Nourishment: o crayfish,
  worms, snails, water
  insects, microorganisms
  and seaweed