Brown Bear
(Ursus a. arctos)
Family: Bear
 o large parts of Eurasia and North America. o European Brown Bear had been in Middle Europe earlier, at present we can encounter this animal only in North Scandinavia, East Europe, Pyrenees, Abruzzo and Carpathians. The last bear in Germany was killed on the northern edge of the Alps in 1835. Lifestyle: o at night and
at dusk active predators, whose nourishment consists of roots, hone, fruit, carrion, fish and of the ground vertebrates. o In autumn they gain a thick layer of fat and spend winter sleeping in a hole ( usually the same), o Had been the biggest Central Europe's predator, o are declared loners, o In the mating season they live together with
their partners. Enjoy climbing the trees ( especially young bears), o good swimmer, o live in a bordered terri- tory, without natural enemies apart from the wolf, o They evade contact with people; in a close-encounter they are
very dan-gerous opponents Repro- duction: In winter habitat female gives birth to 1-3 blind, rat-size bears. They open their eyes after 4-
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