Green wing Ara
(Ara chloroptera)
Family: parrots
Habitation: Mexico, Central America, from northern South America to Brazil
Appearance: gorgeously coloured feathers, one of the largest and prominent species in
it's family
Lifestyle: o maintains close partnership, fly usually in pairs
o family groups of even 20 birds
o during it's daily wanderings from the nest to the area of nourishment, macaws fly in pairs, whereby their 
   wings almost touch each other
o in the higher parts of the trees they seek for seeds,
   fruit, nuts, berries and other vegetable food
o eat in the silence, when disturbed they fly off 
o beak is useful for climbing
  Characteristics: o as the rainforest
   is constantly devastated, the
   stocks of macaws decline
o reaches very high prices in trade
   (in pet shops)